In light of the pandemic, now more than ever makeup hygiene should be top priority. Our goal, as makeup artists is to create a safe environment and make clients feel confident in our good hygiene practices. It all starts with education and developing a wider range of knowledge. In today’s video I’ll cover the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting as well as ways to level up to make clients feel safe in our hands.


CLEANING: is the removal of visible dirt, dust and grime from object or surface. Although it improves appearances it’s not efficient in killing germs.

SANITIZING: lowers the number of germs to a safe level.

DISINFECTING: kills a wider range of microorganisms by using EPA registered chemicals. Disinfectants are for non porous items only.

Using disinfectant solutions like barbacide that are specifically made for the cosmetics industry is key. Bleach for example is not ideal to clean makeup related products due to its corrosive nature. It can be harmful if it gets on the skin and it could cause chemical reactions if mixed with other solutions.

To sanitize press eyeshadows and pressed powders I recommend using Cinema Secret’s Sanitizing Spray , or Beauty So Clean Sanitizing Spray. Another option is using alcohol.

The pandemic will eventually end, and working in new ways that are more hygienic will hopefully become the new norm.

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