In light of the pandemic, I recently decided to upgrade my entire makeup kit. Finding the right non porous bags was time consuming and don’t get me started on the consolidation process. Although it’s still a work in progress, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome and wanted to share with you.


Clear Round Stackable Containers (for storing loose powders)

3.4 OZ Travel Bottles

100 ML Clear Spray Bottles

Water Proof Silicone Mat

20 Pcs Brush Set

10 Pcs Poly Zip Envelopes (for storing brush sets)

500 pcs Blotting Papers

Clear Bag (set bag)

Clear Cosmetic Pouch

Clear Tall Cosmetic Pouch

Clear 6-Ring Binders (A6 Size)

12 Pcs Binder Pockets (A6 Size)

Face Shield

Wireless P-Touch

Japanese Pocket Tissues

Japanese Cotton Pads

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