Being a MUA, I work away from my makeup station all the times. Having your products scattered around and not having access to them when needed it’s the worse feeling. That’s why having a functional set bag with all the right items is imperative. Part of my day entails in dealing with problems as they arise. As a professional makeup artist, it is my job to be prepared and quick, after all time is money!

I recently purchased a set bag from Z Palette which has become my favorite so far. It’s clever designed, multifunctional and houses all of my needed products. The inside compartments are customizable, there are 4 side pockets with 4 elastic straps in each . A back pocket, a tissue pocket and a hidden pocket on the bottom. In addition, the lid is detachable and can be used as an additional small set bag.

I broke down the essential items that I like to keep in my set bag into 4 categories:


First Aid Kit

Single Used Eye Drops

Antihistamine (for allergic reactions)

Advil (for aches)


Compact Mirror

Tweezers & Scissors & Sharpener

Nail Clipper + File

Individually Wrapped Straws

Straws Pouch

Portable Phone Charger

Disposable Wands

Cotton Buds

I keep my set bag half packed as I need to make room for any products that I used for that specific day .


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